Jõekääru – Campsite

Jõekääru Campsite is situated on the shore of the River of Sauga, within 10 minute car drive from the town centre of Pärnu. 5km from the town border, 4 km from the Tallinn-Pärnu road.

Jõekääru Campsite offers possibilities for family and spotive holidaymaking, gatherings, seminars, summer days of companies and organisations. There are 12 5-bed cabins and 10 twin cabins in the Campsite. In addition, camping and car caravan sites.

There are good washing possibilities and toilets in Jõekääru, including sauna with a vestibule that can place 25 people. In addition, smoke sauna. Catering on pre-booking.

Additional factilities and services: In Jõekääru, it is possible to spend time with different aports activities: volleyball, archery, sky runner i.e. jumping sticks and football. For those looking for an adventure: adventure trail, mountain climbing wall, kiiking, canoe rent, paintball (playing possibility for 20 people). Accommodation: altogether 23 summer houses, 80 beds.